DIGEL Ceremony Collection 2017

DIGEL Ceremony Collection 2017

The DIGEL Ceremony Collection 2017, of the German firm, is marked by several influences, among them, the interaction between geometric forms and variations in the surface of the fabric with textures in classic tones. For this season, Digel bets on designs with a summery and fresh touch, without of course losing their elegance and the perfect fit and in a variation of color shades, having always in mind the color trends of the season.  

Blue is most certainly the color for wedding suits in 2017 again, and we love nothing more than seeing grooms in these shades especially in the summer. For those wanting to stand out and have a bit of fun with their wedding wear, go for an electric blue two piece and keep your groomsmen in a more subtle tone of light or navy blue. Brown leather accessories look great with these shades and you can brighten things up with a pastel tie or bowtie or keep it chic with accessories in navy or burgundy or silver.

If you’re looking for a really unique suit that your friends (or partner!) won’t be expecting, try a full brown on! Brown is a great shade to opt and looks particularly well for autumn or winter weddings. Match it with navy to keep it toned down or different tones of red for a bit of whimsy

Grey on the other hand has made a strong come back this year, and not without reason… A gorgeous grey suit is going to make any man look super slick and the best part is that it matches so well with so many other colors. Chic charcoal grey is at the top of the rack at the moment, but you can also go for a lighter grey shade as well. Accessorize it with black to make it more formal, or match it with light greys for a more summery look.

DIGEL also pays a lot of attention to the accessories. A waistcoat may be a once-in-a-lifetime addition to your attire if you prefer casual clothes, but it can really make a fashion statement on your wedding day. DIGEL offers a wide range of colored and embroidered waistcoats to give your “groom look” some extra zing. On the other hand, if you are going for a simpler look, the company has also a wide selection on bow ties and sleek formal ties in lots of different color hues.